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Easywall is a trademark owned by Impresit srl, a company that has been operating in the field of systems for public and private entities for more than fifteen years. Since 1998, Easywall has been a new and flexible way of conceiving the layout of workplaces and improving their quality and usability for people who work there day in-day out. In fact, Easywall, is a modular furniture system that allows the separation of areas according to different living or working needs, and to re-adapt everything quickly and easily each time the needs change.

Impresit’s strong point is the possibility of adding elements to its products: systems and walls, ceilings and floors, made possible thanks to the experience it has accumulated over time, the acquisition of technical know-how and partnerships with businesses, organisations and research institutes. All this is a guarantee of constant innovation both in terms of the materials used and possible solutions to the most complex market requirements. However, it also offers sustainability, thanks to the use of products, in particular walls, that are 100% reusable, as well as the raw materials: wood and certified PEFC, in other words supplied from sustainably managed forests.

    Regional headquarters UNINDUSTRIA CALABRIA

  • CQOP SOA - Costruttori Qualificati Opere Pubbliche

  • Pareti Mobili Easy Wall Impresit Srl - Cosenza Calabria
  • Pareti modulari facili da installare per aziende, uffici, università.
  • Pareti divisorie per uffici con progettazione, montaggio tutto chiavi in mano



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